Still crazy after all those years 🙂

It all started when I was 13 years old, the neighbors son had a brand new Suzuki GS 850 and I was granted a trip on the rear seat. That was all it took to make me totally lost in motorcycles, and I wanted my own bike as soon as possible.
Unfortunately there’s unpleasant things like laws and economics in the real world, so I had to wait a number of years which was spend making mopeds illegal (faster than 30 kmh).
When I got my drivers license, I managed to acquire enough money to buy an 11 year old Yamaha 200 cc, which I rode the first year of my motorcycle career.
But, like all teenagers I dreamt of a huge motorcycle, that I in no way could afford, so what do you do ? I tried a lot of different options within the economical range:
  • Older/big bike
  • Newer/smaller bike

I also owned almost every type of motorcycle:

  • Standard
  • Touring
  • Sport
  • Off-road
  • Custom

Actually driving the bike was important to me: Some of my friends bought the biggest, most fancy, bike they could afford with no money left for gasoline. Not smart.

But to have enough money for all the trips it was out of the question to get a professional mechanic to fix the bike when something broke – I had to do it myself.

It caused a number of pretty doubtful repairs in the beginning, but with time and a lot of practice I slowly got better at it. Today its become a matter of principle to keep the bikes running myself.

I drove a lot of kms the first 10 years, between 20.000 and 25.000 km a year. Japanese bike in the summer time, East German MZ in the winter. No car – no way ! But times are changing, and today I have family, a house, and even a car, so I don’t get to ride more than 10.000 kms a year.

But on the other hand my motorcycle trips are more leisure trips and less transport, so the pleasure of driving is more or less the same. And with the house came a proper garage with light, heating, and a radio. I use a lot of time in the garage servicing and customizing my present bikes. I enjoy that a lot.


You can get in touch by writing me at: jens@guzzitech.dk





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