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Aprilia RSV1000R Sold !!!

Too much work, garage too small for 3 bikes. One had to go, and I have had a hard time finding out which one to sell. Anyway, the Aprilia now have a happy new owner, and this category will no longer be updated. /Jens  

Rim stripes

Two for each wheel, and one for mistakes 🙂

Bloody click-on connectors

The red click-on-wire connector is OEM equipment on the Power Commander to tap the TPS signal. Connectors like these have no use on a motorcycle as they WILL fail sooner or later. Actually they should be banned from the universe IMHO, because they are the origin of 90% of all Power Commander problems. The only […]

CRG clutch and brake levers

Mmmmmmmm – nice! … and here's the original ones.

Oil and filter Change

Just remove the left side fairing. Then all bolts and nuts for oil + filter change is easy to access.


Service book Owners manual Workshop manual Brochure (in italian)

15 tooth sprocket ..

… installed on the bike for better accleration. Picture shows 16 tooth original part.

Original rear seat and foot pegs

These are only to make the bike legal for two persons – in real life this is a one man motorcycle. Stays on the shelf !

Intelligent Charger

Essential tool to make your battery last. Short cable and connector permanently attached to battery makes it easy to plug in the charger when the bike is in the garage.

Rear wheel lifter

Almost impossible to lube and adjust chain without this one.

Tidy tail with minimal licence plate bracket

The nice one. … and the original part

Power Commander III

Very good with the Acrapovic's and BMC filter – and fitting nicely under the seat 🙂

Full Titanium Acrapovic Exhaust

The Sound is simply fantastic – this is not noise, this is sound 🙂 Nice Carbon fiber Brackets DB Killers on the shelf…..  

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