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Ring Knutstorp Video

Fantastic training day at a Swedish race track –

Rear tire wear

The Bridgestone BT23 did a very good job, and I’m really satisfied with how sticky it is – lever let me down.

Lined up in the pit

And ready to ride 🙂


After each 20 minute riding pass, there was a debriefing with the instructor.

Finally :-)

We are divided into nine groups, and three groups are on the track at the same time – for twenty minutes.

Bikes checked and ready for the track.

Instructors bikes in front – Student bikes behind.

Morning briefing

Everyone is listening hard and anxiois to get out on the track.

Arriving at Ring Knutstorp

Arriving soaking wet after 100 km through a thunderstorm. Weather forecast for tomorrow says dry weather 🙂 Arrived in time to walk around the track before dark – and we also had a look at the cars that was raced this weekend.

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