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Test riding the KTM 1290R SuperDuke …

I’m seldom short of words, but I struggle to come up with superlatives strong enough to describe the beast. Not because it’s fast and powerfull, because that’s obvious on a 180 hp bike, but because it’s so smooth for a big twin, and so very easy to ride very very fast on twisty back roads. […]

LeoVince exhaust fitted …

Everything fitted nicely, and the’s no excess bolts or nuts left. And now the Duke actually sounds like a big thumper should

LeoVince exhaust …

Lots of parts and bits. This is LEGO for big kids

Remowing the valve cover …

It’s only secured by 4 bolts, but getting it out of the frame proved to be really difficult.

Preparing to adjust valves on the Duke …

Easy access – you just need to remove the fuel tank. Even the fuel line is made with quick snap on/off connectors, so it’s a five minute job to get to this point.

Hollow wheel axle …

Another reason why the KTM is an expensive bike. This is quality stuff !

Front tyre exchange …

New tyre will be Bridgestone S20.

Valve adjustment shims …

Necessary to adjust the valve clearance on the KTM.

Test riding the Husqvarna 900 Nuda …

Fantastic fun and focused bike, but not very practical. I could easily be tempted if I didn’t already have my hooligan tool – the KTM Duke

Please let me win the lottery …

The KTM X-bow – ehhhh car – is by far the coolest four wheel vehichle you can register for road use. Makes my KTM Duke 690 look like an overloaded Honda Gold wing …

Measuring suspension travel

… As simple as adding a zip-tie

Start of season – again …

March in Denmark this year had the lowest temperature in a hundred years. But today is was sunny, and the temperature was + 7 C, so I did a quick 100 km backroad rush. There’s still a lot of ice in the sea close to the coast, but the rising sun will win eventually.

Full Carbon Fiber Conversion Finished

Finally !!! This project actually took me most of the winter to finish. First, I had to wait for the Carbon Fiber parts to be produced by HFCarbon in Germany (Excellent service and communication BTW) Then I had to do the pre-assembly and the small adjustments/modifications you always need to do on hand made parts […]

Full Carbon Fiber Conversion in progress

Just missing a few parts before I can finish the project. More pictures later

Cockpit view

With Rizoma flashers, Gipro gear indicator, and pressure release valves. Head light assembly is not installed yet.

Orange oil filter covers

Nothing wrong with the original ones – I just like them in Orange…..

Sato Rearsets

Beautiful craftmanship – and multi adjustable. Like getting a new box of Lego

Gipro gear indicator

Very usefull on a big single with a narrow power band. And now you know what the mysterious aluminum bracket was for

Fork pressure release valves

Mostly a farkle ….

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