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Latvia …

Crossing the border on a small road in the forrest. 

That’s it !

Not much activity Saturday – it's sunday now, and I'm slowly getting back to life. Here's some figures about my trip. Number of countries: 15 (+ Denmark) Time 5 days, 20 hours 4388 km 244 liter gasoline 17,98 km/liter 0,2 liter engine oil The bike worked flawlessly through the week. Of course it's dirty and […]

Day 6 – Home !!!

Home at 02:00 am. Been driving 20 hours and 1140 km since yesterday morning, so I'm tired now. A quick shower and then to bed 🙂

Day 6 – Puttgarten ferry to Denmark

Latest weather forecast said dry weather north of Bremen tonight, but heavi rain in the entire region tomorrow, to I took a difficult decition and cancelled my hotel in Cologne tonight. I wanted to see the famous church in Cologne, but that’s got to wait to next time. I arrives at the Ferry to Denmark […]

Day 6 – The Flood 2

in Germany, the weather is changing between hard rain and thunderstorms with even harder rain. And the weather forecast for tomorrow is worse 🙁

Day 6 – Holland

Hard to believe – a steep and curvy road in the otherwise flat Holland. And half an hour without rain 🙂

Day 6 – Lunch

Vlamse Frites is Belgiums main contribution to the worlds gastronomy.

Day 6 – Bastogne

An hour with no rain at the WW2 museum.

Day 6 – Bastogne

Raining here too….

Day 6 – No hands land

If I'm walking 10 steps one way, I'm in Luxembourg…. … and 10 steps in the orher direction will take me to Belgium. My bike is parked in Belgium.

Day 6 – Luxembourg

I have no idea what "Fucking weather" is in French, but it's "Scheisswetter" in German. Here's a picture of a cow – I'm off to Belgium.

Day 6 – The View from my hotel room.

It's not raining – right now.

Day 5 – The menu

Plenty to chose from. My choice was salad with hot goat cheese, and Steak Tatare (Prepared at the table)

Day 5 – Somewhere in France

Late Arrival at the Hotel due to rush hour and very hard rain near Strassbourg.

Day 5 – Even more Schaffhaussen

Vintage watchmaker AND Moto Guzzi owner ! It took quite a while to get away from his shop, but by some miracle, I managed to get away without buying anything.

Day 5 – More Schaffhaussen

I'm happy they got restaurents here, because it's 2 pm, and I haven't had anything to eat since yesterday evening.

Day 5 – Schaffhaussen

They are making very, very fine wrist watches here. My memory of the coo-coo clocks is vanishing 🙂

Day 5 – At the market.

Going to market is a low cost pleasure when you have no local currency.

Day 5 – Switzerland

In Switzerland they have cheese wit large holes, purple cows, and automatic speed cams. None of the above are visible in this picture.

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