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Roads and landscapes – Eastern Europe 2012

  Youtube movie from out trip to the former DDR, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  

Thats it !

1986 km in five days, of which 1300 km was on German highways doing 150-160 km an hour. The rest was mountain and backroad riding. Average fuel consumption was 5,0 liter / 100 km.

Lunch at the Avus race track in Berlin

Closed down 50 years ago, but part of it is still there. In the picture with the blue containers, we’re standing on the actual race track, and you can see the spectators tribune in the background.  

From Poland to Berlin in one tank !

…Slightly inspired by the VW commercial made by “Top Gear” 🙂

Sports shop

The only shop in this street actually.

Needs TLC and paint.

The building – not the bikes.

Dirt bike

Souvenir from Poland.

No need to smile

She’s impossible to charm ….

Rain pouring down this morning

… So we visited the city’s museum. Actually quite interesting.

New motorcycle boots

Believe it or not – I never had a proper pair of motorcycle boost in the 29 years I’ve been riding bikes legally. I wanted a pair of waterproof (Gore-tex) semi sports boots, but they are hard to find. I did it today 🙂

Hotel Dreibeiniger Hund

– means “The three legged dog” A fantastic and friendly place to stay. The place is all century – apart from the restaurant which is located in a century cellar.

WW2 motorcycle being restored

A 350 single two stroke DKW from 1944 being repaired/restored.

Soccer fan gas station

Must be important to somebody ….


Original WW2 Fliegeruhren (pilots watches) are extremely rare. There’s two of them in the museum.


A visit to the German watch museum is mandatory.


Center of the finest German watchmaking. Perfect place for a lunch break.

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