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That’s it !

1254 km, 4,6 liter/100 km, no issues with the bike, mostly dry weather. Fantastic trip 🙂

Riding hard towards Denmark

… Trying to beat the forecasted rain

Swedish Hot Dog speciality

… With shrimp salad topping – stay away !!!


Arrived in Göteborg after 50 km heavy rain. Checked into a hotel and took the tram to the city centre.

Norwegian wooden church

Heddal church is the largest wooden church in Norway, build around 1250, and heavily influenced by viking building style. Even the heathen dragon ornaments are there 🙂

Spiralen, Drammen

Viewpoint above Drammen. Access is a corkscrew tunnel from the town.  

Small cabin

But plenty og space when you're only carrying Motorcycle luggage 🙂

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