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Camp Antvorskov

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Trelleborg is the best preserved of the five known circular viking fortresses, all dating from the 10th century.    

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Even native danes may not be able to pronounce this one …..

Vikingeskibsmusæet, Roskilde

In the 9th century, 6 viking ships was deliberately sunk in Roskilde fjord, to improve the city's defense against attack from the sea. In the 1960'ies the ships was raised and the museum was build. Next to the museum is a museum shipyard that is building replica viking ships with the same methods as was […]


A part of Copenhagens sea side fortification.    


Build by king Christian 4. in 1624 as a stronghold inside Copenhagens fortification. Sweden was the main enemy in those days.  

Buying lunch

The best Italian sanwiches are made by the butcher at Supermarco in the old harbor. A well kept secret 🙂  


Build after the wars with Germany in 1848 and 1864, as a very long defence line around Copenhagen. Actually, this was the largest construction project in Denmark ever, only outperformed by the Great Belt Bridge a hundred years later. Modern guns made the fortification obsolete in less than 30 years.


Build during the cold war 1950-1953 to control the entrance to the Baltic sea. To withstand a nuclear attack, the fortress was dug 18 meters down into the chalk cliff. Includes the control room for the Danish forces supreme command during the cold war. Now a museum – but not open today ….

Roneklint skanse

After a short war in 1801, the evil British captured the entire Danish Naval fleet. Oak tree for new vessels was in short supply, so a number of fortified gun/cannon positions was build to protect Danish cities from naval attack.

Vordingborg Castle

Build by the Danish king, Valdemar the Great, around 1362, as a stronghold against the powerful North German trade union, the "Hansa"

Masnedø Fortress

Building started in 1912 and the fortress was reported ready for battle in 1915. Denmark remained neutral in WW1, even though several fortresses like this was build to protect Danish waters.

The idea ….

I got this idea for a one day trip theme – to visit as many historic military fortifications as possible in one day. Danish history contains mostly everything from 10th century Viking fortifications to cold war nuclear shelters dug into chalk cliffs. The route is plotted into the GPS, and it looks like a 400 […]

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